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Tishrei and Cheshvan: The Ox, Apostolic Structures and the Bones of Joseph

Posted on September 20, 2017 at 11:15 AM

Tishrei and Cheshvan: The Ox, Apostolic Structures and the Bones of Joseph

This is a prophetic word that has been stirring in my heart for some time and now I feel the release to declare this now. The coming Hebrew months of Tishrei and Cheshvan are the seventh and eighth month on the Hebrew calendar. Each month has a tribe associated with it that reveals hidden truth about the season. The Hebrew months are set up just as the tribes are positioned under their standards around the tabernacles as it states in Numbers Chapter 2.

The Standard of the Ox

On the west side which has the standard of the Ox are the tribes Ephraim, Manessah, and Benjamin. The month of Tishrei then shifts us into the standard of the Ox and the sons of Joseph Ephraim and Manessah. We are shifting into the strength of the Ox that will release a greater dimension of apostolic strength and glory.

Moses spent 40 days and nights in the realm of God’s glory after the breaking of the first set of tablets in repentance for Israel and to receive the second set of commandments. Jewish scholars believe the 40 days Moses spent in the glory was from the Hebrew month Elul 1 to Tishrei 10 which the Day of Atonement. When Moses comes down to deliver the second set of tablets, his face was shining with the glory of God: We are in the midst of that 40 day period between the sixth month of Elul and coming into the seventh month of Tishrei. This 40 day period is known as Teshuvah or a time of repentance and I believe the spirit of Elijah is declaring that over our generation right now as John the Baptist did before the coming of Messiah. Repent, change the way you think for the King of glory is coming!


Exodus 34:29

29 Now it was so, when Moses came down from Mount Sinai (and the two tablets of the Testimony were in Moses’ hand when he came down from the mountain), that Moses did not know that the skin of his face shone while he talked with Him.

The Hebrew word for shone is “quaran” which means to shine rays of light or to shoot out horns! When Moses came down from the Mountain of God he was a shining ox! We are coming into the time where the glory of God and strength of the ox is about to increase.

The name Elohim means two oxen that are yoked together plowing towards a mark. The older ox would be yoked to a younger ox teaching it how to plow the field. Yeshua is the older ox (Take of my yoke and learn of me Matthew 11:29) and we are the younger ox walking in union with Messiah move towards the mark of His character.

The Bones of Joseph and Apostolic Structure

Joseph prophesied that God would visit His people in Egypt and when they left to bring his bones with them into the promise (Genesis 50:25). When Moses and Israel exited Egypt they took the bones of Joseph with them fulfilling the oath (Exodus 13:19). Just as the bones are the structure to the body, bones of Joseph will be part of the apostolic structure that is about to come on the scene. These are some things the Lord is highlighting these next few months:


• Joseph’s name means “to add to or increase”. The Lord is about increase the apostolic wisdom to gain strategy and revelation in the midst of lack of spiritual power and advance continually.

• Joseph’s coat of many colors will signify an apostolic people clothed with the Seven Spirits of God that manifest the multi-colored wisdom of God to principalities and powers (Genesis 37:3;Ephesians 3:10).

• Grace and the ability to push forward as the ox and continually prosper in all situations will rest upon this generation in a great way.

Ephraim and Manessah

The meanings of the names Ephraim and Manessah will be key to our advancement in this next Hebrew year 5778. Joseph had these sons before the famine in Egypt came and they were a sign to him. His firstborn Manasseh’s name means “he made me forget all my toil or hard times and my father’s house (Genesis 41:51). The root word to Manessah means “to forget and forgive a debt and to remove deception”! Ephraim’s name means “to be fruitful in the midst of trouble” (Genesis 41:52). Manessah was born first yet the order of these months Ephraim is first and I believe it is a sign us. The fruit we are about to produce in the midst of troubled times will be proof to us that the pain of the past has been forgotten and its ability to deceive us into thinking we cannot overcome has been removed!

It’s time to advance and produce fruit in the midst of trouble that declares to principalities and powers incredible dimensions of the wisdom of God.


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Reply Pappy Hiouck
6:51 AM on October 6, 2017 
Very interesting indeed. This is the season when the revelation of the Family of Abraham will be revealed. Ephraim has the double blessing, can Hear, and See, where only half of Manasseh will enter in. They can see, but they can't hear. Very interesting word about the bones. That's really intriguing to me. Blessings though out Sukkot! Shalom, Pappy.
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