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Greater Works Generation Ministries International

To Know Christ and Make Him Known‚Äč


5778: The Year to See the Wall of Opposition and Breakthrough

Posted on September 20, 2017 at 1:30 PM

The Coming Hebrew Year 5778: The Year to See (Ayin) The Chet (Wall): The Year to See the Wall of Opposition and Breakthrough

This Hebrew year 5778 will be a pivotal year within this ten year window of the Ayin (70) 2010/5770-2020/5780 to restore normal prophetic vision (20/20) back to His body. The Lord showed that from the year 2010 which was the Hebrew year 5770 to 2020 and 5780 ten-year window of restoration. The Lord is increasing our spiritual eyesight to see the wall of opposition and several areas to bring breakthrough and unity in His body to position us for the great harvest.

The Year to See and Destroy the Wall That Divides Us

The sword of 5777 will begin to break through and cut down walls that divide His Body in 5778. This will come by the sword of the Spirit that will cut through veils and cause His people to see what seeds of division the enemy have sown. This demonic spirit of division against His body and the destiny of this nation is in direct opposition to the third great awakening that must come through unity with God and each other.

If the coming outpouring of God’s Spirit is to pour out upon all flesh and cause the multi-colored, multi-ethnic diversity of His body to move together, then division is an important tactic of Satan to discern in this hour. I believe a key to this is in Ephesians 2:14-15:

14 For He is our peace who hath made both one and hath broken down the middle wall of partition.

15 Having abolished in His flesh the enmity even the law and of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in Himself of twain one new man making peace.

His death brought all of us into the unity of the Father through the Son. What is paramount to understand is that peace was accomplished in the flesh of Messiah. The revelation is true unity can only come as we all come into unity with Yeshua first.

Binding and loosing are legal terms used to unlock and lock, forbid or to allow, or to make legal or illegal. The blood of Yeshua satisfied the enmity between us and God as well as each other and made the wall that divides us illegal in the government of the kingdom! It is in union with His death that we find the grace to break division and enmity between us and walk in unity as His one new man. God is about to open our eyes to not just see what divides us in the body, but also receive the grace to die to that mindset they keep us apart. Messiah is our peace which means He brings the ability for us to be healed and mended within ourselves so we can be unified with Him and each other.




Peacemakers Are Coming

There is a remnant of peacemakers coming on the seen that have come into such union with His death that the very nature of the Prince of Peace shall manifest out of them. Just as Yeshua became our peace and destroyed the middle walls of partition between Jew and Gentile, these sons of God will manifest the government and nature of The Prince of Peace to “loose” the reality of unity into the body of Messiah.

Peacemaking sons of God (Matthew 5:9) will be ambassadors bringing righteous judgment first into His body by manifesting the standard of the Son of God. These ambassadors will carry about in their body dying of the Lord Yeshua as Paul declared (II Corinthians 4:10).

Breaking down Language Barriers

Yeshua spoke to the crowds that followed Him in parables, yet to His disciples He unveiled the meaning to them (Mark 4:34). There was a language barrier between the crowd and the Yeshua. One of the words for parables or dark sayings in Hebrew is the word “chiydah” which means a parable, proverb or riddle that must be understood and answered (Numbers 12:8). The root to chiydah are the two Hebrew letters “Chet” which means “wall” and the “Dalet” which means “door”. When we combine these meanings, we get “wall door” which is interpreted as “the wall is the language barrier and when the parable is understood one passes through the door and the two are united”! In Numbers 12:6-8, God describes three ways He makes Himself known to His prophets which are dreams and visions, parables and dark sayings, and face to face (Numbers 12:6-8).

Prophetically, He is bringing us from dreams and visions, and parables to being fully awake and speaks to God face to face! When one passes through the wall of chiydah, it forms the word “echad” which is be one or union with God. The Lord our God is one (Deuteronomy 6:4).

The language barrier that has resulted from God’s people being sleep is about to be removed as they become awakened and come into face to face encounters in the Holy of holies.

Year Hidden Manna is Being Revealed to the Overcomer

The number 78 is significant in many ways this coming year. Every Hebrew letter has a numerical value that reveals hidden truth for His people. The number 78 is the same value for the Hebrew word for “bread (lechem)”. The Lord is about to give hidden manna to those who overcome the doctrine of Balaam and the Nicolaitans (Revelations 2:13-17). At the introduction of each letter to the seven churches in the book of Revelations, Yeshua is described in a different fashion which includes to how He is manifesting to that church. He comes to the church at Pergamum as “He who has the sharp sword with two edges”. If Pergamum church did not overcome the stumbling block of the doctrine Balaam (compromise and worship of idols) and the Nicolaitans (suppression of laity coming into maturity), then He would fight them with the sword of His mouth! Apostolic hubs are increasing out of God’s desire to see His body mature and to remove compromise.

Worship Warriors Are Coming with A New Level of Healing and Deliverance

The number eight will be significant this year the body of Messiah will begin to break through walls and veils to see new things. These worship warriors liken to David will disclose secrets and mysteries because they have broken through the wall to understand God’s heart. They will release of new sound from the harps that will cause God’s people to vibrate on the same frequency as Him and create beautiful symphony in the Spirit. This sound will drive out unclean spirits that keep God’s people in bondage. Just as David played the harp and brought refreshing, enlargement to Saul’s lungs and drove out the spirit of fear, worship warriors will release sounds of His love to drive out the spirit of fear upon this generation and expand people’s capacity to receive of the life of God (I Samuel 16:13-28).

See Through the Wall and Expose What Divides Us from Him:

Ezekiel 8:7

7 So He brought me to the door of the court; and when I looked, there was a hole in the wall.

8 Then He said to me, “Son of man, dig into the wall”; and when I dug into the wall, there was a door.

Several months ago, the Lord sudden spoke these words to me: “5778 Ezekiel 8:7-8”. Ezekiel 8 Verses 7 and 8 was a sign of that God is opening our eyes to see (Ayin 70) through the wall (Chet 8), understand His language and enter the door to see the wickedness within the Body that has created division between God and His people as well as each other.

We have entered a year of the exposure of compromise that started to be exposed with the sword of 5777. This exposure is redemptive in purpose so the stumbling blocks in our lives and in the corporate body can be removed as we entered an new era of His glory.

Cleansed and Initiated into the New

Another significant Hebrew word with the value 78 word “chanak” has the value of 78 as well as the word “mabbul”. Chanak means to dedicate, train, to disciple and initiate one into something new. It’s used in Proverbs regarding training up a child in the way he should go (Proverbs 22:6). The word mabbul is the word for “flood” used in Genesis 6:17 of the flood meant to cleanse the earth of the wicked. Chanak is also the same word used when Solomon dedicated the temple through sacrifices for the glory of God to dwell (I Kings 8:63).

• We are coming into a season of revival where the outpouring of His Spirit will cleanse His body and begin to initiate us into new places and revelatory truth we have not been before.


May the Lord prepare our hearts to receive all that He has in store fo


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