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The Breaking of Cycles and The Alignment of the Bride

Posted on December 12, 2017 at 4:00 PM

The Breaking of Cycles and The Alignment of His Bride


My heart has been arrested with the reality of God’s desire to bring reformation to His body so that His glory can fully dwell in His people. As we turn the corner of the Hebrew year 5778 and enter into 2018 I believe we are coming to a significant turning point. There is a sound of reformation that is like the voice of many waters as apostolic and prophet voices are declaring the heart of the Father. Scrolls of revelation are unfolding to show us the patterns and blueprints of His dwelling place and we must build according to the pattern similar to Moses. In Exodus 25:40 God declares to Moses to build a dwelling place according to the pattern:


Build According To the Pattern

Exodus 25:40 “And look that thou make them after their pattern which was shewed thee in the mount”.

The Hebrew word for “pattern” is “tabniyth” which means “a structure, model, likeness or pattern”. The root word to tabniyth is “ben” which means son and in Hebrew thought, sons were builders of the family name. Prophetically speaking, Moses building a dwelling place for God's glory was a picture of His church being built according to the pattern of His Son Yeshua to establish the place where His glory will dwell.

John 1:14 The word become flesh and dwelt (tabernacle) among us and we beheld the only begotten of the Father full of grace and truth.

Just as Moses was shown the blueprint of how to create a dwelling place for His glory, God is inviting sons and daughters into His glory to see that Yeshua Is the Blueprint for how to build a dwelling place for His glory. The revelation of the Son is the pattern that brings alignment back into the body of Messiah.


Reformation and Alignment: Loose the Bride and Let Her Go


In Luke 13 as Jesus entered the synagogue on the Sabbath, there is a woman present who had been bound by Satan with a spirit of infirmity for 18 years. This woman for 18 years was completely bound with some kind of severe curvature to her spine and could not stand up straight. According to the text and understanding of the culture, she was more than likely a regular attendant of the synagogue so she would have been attending service bound for 18 years! The significance of the number eighteen in the Bible comes from its symbolic meaning for bondage and cycles. In the book of Judges, Israel would go through many cycles of repentance, disobedience, bondage and deliverance. During those times before Saul became king, there were judges that ruled in Israel. Two of their enemies, Eglon the Moabite king and the Philistines oppressed them for 18 years and God brought deliverance through Jephthah and Samson (Judges 3:12, 14, 10:7-8).

Jesus loosing this woman from 18 years of bondage by Satan is a picture of what He is about to do in His Bride. He loosed her from the spirit of infirmity that left her spine severely crooked. The word infirmity means a “disease, sickness, weakness and feebleness of body or the mind”. When it comes to the soul it carries the meaning of “the lack of strength, capacity to understand a thing, restrain corrupt desires or to bear trials and troubles”. Satan has bound many through crooked teachings and demonic doctrines that have left the church without strength to truly understand what she was called to be, but she is about to be loosed from bondage and stand up straight! There is coming a unity within the five-fold ascensions gifts of Messiah that is about to manifest the life of Jesus and loose His Bride from the spirit of infirmity in the soul and body and bring about spiritual alignment.

2018 will be a year of breaking cycles of bondage and sin that has been a result of crooked teaching by the release of righteous voices that come to make the paths straight. This will compel the body of Christ to maturity where she is no longer tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. John the Baptist came in the spirit and power of Elijah to make the paths straight by correcting the crooked mindsets of the people caused by the crooked teachings of the Pharisees. In the same manner, the Spirit and power of Elijah is being released to make the paths straight for the coming King and His glory to our generation. Repentance must precede Revival and Reformation to make way for the King of glory!


The Key of Knowledge

John the Baptist confronted the teachers of his day because they were supposed to prepare the people for the coming of the Messiah, but their interpretation was actually causing Jesus to become unrecognizable when He came. Jesus declared in Luke 11:52 the Pharisees had taken away the key of knowledge and locked themselves out as well as those who followed them. Their interpretation had the ability to lock or unlock the minds of the people to recognize the Messiah or to miss Him.

God is releasing the key of knowledge through repentance that will unlock revelatory truth through intimacy into the heart of the Father so we can recognize the move of His spirit when it comes.


Equipping and Alignment of the Bride

Reformation will bring much more clarity to what Paul refers to as “the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry”. (Ephesians 4:1-13). The Greek word “perfect” is “katartismos” which means “the complete furnishing and equipping of the body”. It also derives from the word “katartizo” which means “to repair, frame, mend and adjust”. This is a Greek word that was used to describe a broken or dislocated bone being snapped back into place! Bill Johnson shared “the fear of man has the ability to dislocate a person”. Dislocate in Webster’s Dictionary means to “put out of place, to disorder or disrupt” which is usually referring to a bone in the body. Apostolic fathers and mothers will speak identity to those who are “dislocated” in the Body of Messiah and snap them back into their proper place and calling so we all can be fitly joint together (Ephesians 4:16).

As apostles and prophets are properly aligned as foundational ministries, the bride will be equipped, adjusted and snapped back into alignment so she can become the habitation of the glory of God (Ephesians 2:20). Many cycles of bondages will be broken and new paths will be released as a result of the light of the knowledge of the glory of the Lord shining from the face of Jesus Christ that brings order and alignment. The Spirit and the Bride say come!

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