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Feast of Dedication: From Discipleship to Apostleship

Posted on December 15, 2017 at 4:45 PM

Feast of Dedication: From Discipleship to Apostleship

During this season of Hanukkah which in Hebrew means “Dedication”, I believe the Spirit of the Lord is inviting us into a season of preparation for the coming shift in the body of Messiah. Just as the temple was cleansed and rededicated back to God during the time when the small band of Maccabees defeated the Syrian army, the body of Messiah is being called to a new season dedication to carry the weight of His glory that will bring in the harvest.

Enoch and the Feast of Hanukah

I believe one of the secrets God is revealing to us this season is found in one simple verse that declares “Enoch walked with God until He was not for God took him” (Genesis 5:24). The Hebrew word for “took” actually means “to snatch and take away a wife and to marry”! Enoch walked with God in daily communion until he was finally was taken by God. The name “God” in Hebrew is the word “Elohim” which speaks of an older and younger ox that are yoked together. In Hebrew culture, the older ox would teach the younger how to plow the field as they were yoked together. Yokes are symbolic of learning while walking in covenant which can be seen in God’s relationship with Israel. In the Old Covenant, the older ox was understood to be God and the younger ox was understood to be Israel therefore, Israel was walking in covenant with God. We see this same truth conveyed when Jesus declares to his disciples to “take of My yoke and learn from Me” (Matthew 11:29).

There is a profound truth revealed when we understand the meaning of the name Enoch. Enoch’s name means to “dedicate, or initiate” and it derives from the root word that means “to train or discipline”! Enoch walked with God until Enoch “was not” and in the same way we must walk with Jesus as He trains us, disciples us and we become a “was not” or simply put they no longer see us but Him only! Just as Enoch walked with God and was being raptured into secret places of intimacy until he disappeared, we must walk in intimacy and discipleship with Jesus until we disappear and all that can be seen is Him in us. Paul declares that when one turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away and what was hidden is now revealed (II. Corinthians 3:16). The phrase “shall be taken away” is actually one Greek word which means “to remove all around, to unveil and cast off an anchor and take away or up”. When our Bridegroom reveals Himself to us through intimate communion as we walk with Him, anchors that have kept us “stuck” will begin to be lifted as we are raptured in intimacy with Him. The more He reveals Himself and the more we become like Him our mortality is swallowed up the victory of His life (II Corinthians 5:5; Isaiah 25:8). Frances Metcalf declared a similar process would happen to an end time remnant called the “Dove Company” who would transition “From Rapture to Translation” very similar to how Enoch walked with God. It is in this secret place that we learn how to die to self and become His habitation and manifest the fruit of what He reveals.

Discipleship to Apostleship

The truth that I want to communicate regarding the life of Enoch and the disciples walking with Jesus is unveiled as we look at the correlation of the meaning of the Hebrew words for “walk and kingdom”. The Hebrew words for kingdom “mamlakah” and messenger “malak” comes from the same root word for walk “halak” which means a person’s walk or daily lifestyle. One of the meanings of “malak” or messenger is “a theophanic messenger or God manifesting in the form of a message through the messenger”. This word also speaks of one whom is an ambassador sent from another country to walk for another. Interesting also is the word for work is “melakah” which shares the same root means a “message through action”.

The most profound place where the disciples saw the kingdom manifested in the life of Jesus was not in His miracles, signs and wonders but in His daily walk! The kingdom of God should first be manifested in our walk or lifestyle where the fruit and actions of our life are a reflection of the Jesus we preach. The disciples learned how to manifest the kingdom by walking and watching the daily life of the King. I believe this is why they desired for Jesus to teach them how to pray because they experience how profound His daily prayer life was. God is engaging us to learn how to walk out messages in discipleship with Jesus so we can be sent forth as a message and witness of the very life of Jesus! This was the journey of the disciples of the Lamb as they transitioned from disciples to apostles! That’s why The Book of Acts declares with great power they were “witnesses of His resurrection” (Acts 4:33) and why Paul declares to the church in Corinth that we are to be ambassadors of Messiah (II Corinthians 5:20). This does not mean we are all called to be apostles, but we all called to be disciples to walk with Jesus until His life becomes our life and we are sent forth as a witness that He is alive in us! May God raise of messengers who understand learn how to manifest the kingdom in their daily walk so the glory of God will be manifested with power for all to see!




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