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Greater Works Generation Ministries International

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I Am Preparing My Eagles To Be Instruments of Deliverance

Posted on September 5, 2019 at 3:55 PM

I Am Preparing My Eagles To Be Instruments of  Deliverance

We are in a kairos or opportune moment in history where the Holy Spirit is inviting us to prepare unlike we have in the past as we cross over into a new era. Through recent visions and dreams the Spirit of the Lord began to highlight some key point of preparation.

The Brooding of His Glory

While in prayer for our monthly Barn Fire Gatherings for our kingdom center, I had a vision of the glory cloud hovering and brooding over the barn. As the glory cloud was brooding, the Holy Spirit began to speak scriptures to me starting with Genesis 1:1-2 where the Spirit of God brooded over the waters as an eagle broods over the nest exciting them to leave. This is why Scripture declares that God brought them out of Egypt on eagle’s wings (Exodus 19:5; Deuteronomy 32:11).

The four living creatures that were surrounding God’s throne were the lion, the eagle, the ox, and the man were also the four standards of the tribes of Israel (Revelations 4:7; Numbers 2). The tribe of Dan positioned in the north, was the standard of the eagle. The name Dan means “judge” and derives from the Hebrew root word “diyn” which means “the door of life”. Judges in Israel who ruled cases were also seen as deliverers who restored righteous life to the people (Judges 3:9). His glory is brooding over deliverers who will be instruments of God’s justice that restores righteousness back to the life of His people. It will not be condemnation that brings us into bondage, but it will be the door that brings people into the holy and righteous life of true freedom Christ paid such a high price for us to possess.

Preparation of Deliverers

In this vision, the glory of the Lord was manifesting over the barn as an eagle stirring His people to come out of bondage. The brooding of Genesis 1:2 also refers to a hen brooding as her eggs are in an incubation period waiting to be hatched. The Lord is brooding over a remnant of deliverers who have been in incubation in the midst of chaos. God has been cultivating and forming His nature and standard as an eagle in them.

The prophetic window of 2010 (Hebrew year 5770) to 2020 (Hebrew year 5780) God has been cleansing and refining the prophetic eyesight of His Bride in the hidden place as He unfolds blueprints for a new time. He is cleansing the eyes of His people to be able to have hindsight, insight, and foresight that pierces through the darkness and to see and declare the reconstitution that is upon us so we can enter into it. The eyes of His Bride have been prepared to see into the new era that will bring a distinct difference between light and darkness (Genesis 1:3).

In the midst of what seems to be unformed, God is forming an eagle company who will no longer stay in the confines of the nest but are ready to take flight and step into their roles as deliverers. He is strengthening those who have been hidden in Him with His strength and character of an eagle (Isaiah 40:31). They shall run with message of revival, restoration, and reform and not become weary. They will walk in union with Messiah and not faint in the midst of gross darkness spreading. He is reforming them while preparing them to be a standard for Reformation.

Sent Angels that Gather

As this vision continued, while the glory cloud was brooding, angels came in and began gathering out of us all things that offend the kingdom or things that will cause us to stumble, put them in a bundle and cast them into the fire. Immediately, I knew the Lord was referring to Matthew 13:24-32 regarding parable of the wheat and the tares. In this text, Jesus says that when men slept the enemy sowed in tares (false grain that looks like the true). It was only when fruit started to manifest in the wheat, did the tares appear. There can only be separation at the time of the harvest where the tares are thrown into the fire and the wheat is brought into the barn (Matthew 13:30)! Our meeting at the barn I believe was a prophetic sign of the coming harvest. It is the remnant of harvesters and deliverers that are being processed in the midst of darkness as new wineskins are unfolding. He is pulling things out of His harvesters all things that offend in the kingdom so they can shine forth bright as the sun and their hearts are pure and eyes clean to righteously judge according to the plumb line revelation of Jesus Christ.

The Brooding of His Glory

As the vision continued still, The Lord brought to my heart several accounts of in the New Testament of His glory overshadowing. It was Mary that was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and became pregnant with The Word of God Jesus Himself (Luke 1:34-35). In Matthew 17:5 the glory cloud overshadowed Peter, James, and John on the Mount of Transfiguration. Then there was the overshadowing of Peter as many attempted to get in Peter’s shadow to be healed (Acts 5:15). The Lord declared that He is brooding over His remnant like an eagle over her nest for He is birthing newness and glory in the midst of what seems to be chaos in the Body of Christ. The harvesters are being prepared to shine bright in the midst of gross darkness as He will make a clear distinction between light and darkness, wheat and tares, clean and unclean, and true and false.

God is preparing deliverers and will send them into the land of promise to war and advance the kingdom. He is birthing His war eagles that will be instruments to deliver many out of the jaws of Leviathan in Egyptian and Babylonian systems. The standard of the eagle will cause His Bride to see with keen prophetic eyes while God’s nature as the Lion begins to roar from His throne as the culture of the King begins to advance in the nations. Let the delivering eagles arise!




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